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REPRODUCTIONS IMAGES (avec l'autorisation de l'auteur)

1981 - Edition of Comme un enfant qui pleure(Cry baby Cry)

Edition-Diffusion Futuropolis- Sodis

Sold out

Cartoon of 46 pages. The illustration of the Punk Revolution, this book is dedicated to the Sex Pistols. In English "Cry baby cry"is the song of John Lennon .



Format 21x29,7 cm . Dos carré collé. Impression offset

1989 -


Edited by the author

Sold out

Not realy a cartoon but a travel book in Italy and Sicilia with a Ry Cooder solo...





Format 21 x 15 cm - Dos carré collé. Impression offset

1996. La crise ? et après... Clément Gilon éditeur (Crisis, what crisis?)

Sold out

Political Comics strips signed by the pseudonym Guillermo.



Format 29,7 x 21 cm. Couverture impression offset couleur avec traitement vernis anti UV.

2005. Jean Sablon

Published by Nocturne/France Inter

Collection BD Music

Small Comic Book and CD audio from the life of the french crooner Jean Sablon. Discography and biography byMartin Pénet.



2006. The adventures of Chiffrotin

Writed and published by Jean-Claude Huvier a story-teller. Illustred by Guillermo

2 stories for dreamers kids who don't understand the numbers and the words.




2011. Annie Legma, songes modernes d'une femme fatale

suivi de "Dessins de crise"

Annie Legma is a parodic cartoon inspired by the american pulps of the 60s.


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Annie Legma, bande dessinée








LE COMPTEUR D'ETOILES, une vie rêvée d'Antonin Le Veilleur. Texte et dessins : Guillaume Libert
Conseiller littéraire : Jean Paul Louis Lambert


A fiction of Robert Desnos life